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barcelona best day.

Next day I think?

Today started boring. Sitting in hostel doin the blog for yesterday. And a steph from hostel said you want to beach. Ok
Why notIMAG1203.jpgIMAG1205.jpg
sweet beaches look close there could be boobs in the picture most girls go toppless.
Then we went and go magaritas at a bbeach bar.
ah yah I also got a massage on the beach before the booze. Then we left and went to authentic Mexican resturaunt. And had magaritas chilli,mango,some flower,and mex fruit.and tounge tacos. Bit shit but funny.
and a beer hahha. Then we rented these GPS talkin go carts they tell you stuff about where your driving near great fun but shit power and breaks. I had to het out and push a few times and nearl hit a bus n taxi.IMAG1229.jpgIMAG1232.jpgIMAG1228.jpgIMAG1224.jpg
my driver. No licence drinkin 2L of sangrea from plastic bottle. Hahaha IMAG1221.jpg
Dan I found some wine for you 77is about 86c sweet.
Then I came to hostel to relax but endind up at a street party .they blocked the street set up stage an had bands till 3
IMAG1245.jpgI was suposto sleep for monegros tomorow. Also steph and her boyfrend are working at monegros so I might be able to meet the prodigy. Siiiccckkk New tattoo autographs.
IMAG1239.jpg here's a cats balls. IMAG1223.jpg me drinkin Jesus juice at his monument. I'm goin of planet tonight ill talk to yous in 3-4 days. YEEWW 10 FOR A DOLLA.

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First few days

sunny 30 °C

Plane ride was long I think I got drunk and fell asleep 3 times. Dubai airport was cool had a pond in the middle of it
1IMAG1073.jpghostel is cool went for a walk first day got lost went to darling harbour of bcn(Barcelona)
Walked around got lost that's airpot and this is a cathedral IMAG1112.jpg
Heaps of cool buildings here. IMAG1151.jpg hospitalIMAG1135.jpgIMAG1092.jpg went on a bus tour yesterday that was awesome saw so much of Barcelona.
Slept heaps lately so tues from flight I guess . Of to monegros tomorand a cool park gauldi or somthin.IMAG1097.jpgIMAG1189.jpgIMAG1185.jpglarge_IMAG1160.jpg

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Brutal Assault festival Czech republic

bands that are playing for 3 days

Aborted, Agnostic Front ,Ahumado Granujo, Alcest, Amon Amarth, Arcturus, Arkona, At The Gates ,Be'lakor, Bleed From Within, Cattle Decapitation Converge,, Corrosion Of Conformity, Crowbar, Darkest Hour ,Deicide ,Dimmu Borgir, Dodheimsgard ,Engel, Fields Of The Nephilim, Finntroll, General Surgery, Godflesh, Gorguts, Hatebreed ,Heathen ,Heaven Shall Burn, Immolation, Immortal, Incantation, Inquisition, Insomnium, Kampfar, Kylesa ,Lock Up, Machine Head, Ministry, Moonspell, Morgoth ,Municipal Waste, Napalm Death, Nile ,Norma Jean, Norther, Paradise Lost ,Pig Destroyer, Rise And Fall ,Riverside, Root ,Samael, Shape Of Despair ,Sick Of It All ,Six Feet Under, Skarhead, Sodom ,Sólstafir ,Swallow The Sun, Textures, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Haarp Machine, The Human Abstract, The Safety Fire, Toxic Holocaust, Unearth ,Vallenfyre, Vildhjarta ,Virus ,Warbringer


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Got My Tickets

basic plans 1

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I bought my plane tickets last night
, adelaide to melbourne, melbourne to dubai, dubai to barcelona
few days in barcelona then http://www.monegrosfestival.com/webapp/home_en
= rave in the desert 23hours] here for a night PRODIGY Bloody beetroots
then back to barcelona for a rest
maybe to england or belgum or paris or norway or anywhere???
ive got about 2 weeks to do anything.
offf to Czech republic for brutal assault festivalbrutalssas.jpg

from 8th till 11th-12th
and then back home to work ...13th out of .prauge to dubai, dubai to perth.


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