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Liverpool Actually and bit o Wales

I left barcelona . flew to liverpool.ON FRIDAY .. completly difernt buildings and cars again.. my cuz paddy and me went out and had a few but i forgot my camera was a good night ended up in town. next day SATURDAY drove around a bit seen footbal stadiums liverpool and everton, and churches n stuff
found my favorite shop P7280605.jpg then we went out for some beers again P7280606.jpgP7280612.jpgP7280613.jpg got take away them take away P7280615.jpg
this bike reminded me of bali sad face cos englands cold P7280616.jpg. the next day was relaxing watchin stupid ass olimpics sports but theres some cool ones, i was thinkin of goin to london but decided switzerland then i can go north to germany and czech,. we went to town and had a look at the beattles st in liverpool P7290629.jpgP7290631.jpgP7290632.jpg me with lennon tellin him some TCAF song he likes it did a smillee at me P7290630.jpg then home to relax..
next morning sunday we went to wales to see paddys son jake. wales is cool realy green and pritty but so many sheeps, we went to the movies and watched the new batman,then shhhhh dont tell anyone we snuck into ice age 4 but we mised the first hour so watched 20 mins then left and went and played tennis,P7300670.jpgP7300681.jpg
they have huge seagulls here P7300685.jpg
we went back to liverpool for dinner stoped at a cool pub on the way P7300709.jpgP7300704.jpg
and after dinner and clair showed me her cool convertable hardtop car P7300712.jpgP7300715.jpg now i wrote this and are goin to bed for i must fly tomorow

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beach this one is after monegros and before walkin around

Chilling at the beach

So I woke up a bot hang over. Missed breakfast met some mates decided to go to the beach. Sweeet caught bus there first supermarket get so water food an booze the rekorderling cider is only 190 . beach


large_IMAG1370.jpgIMAG1371.jpgIMAG1375.jpg some of them are large can't ne fucked fixing its hard to use phone to blog.
Had a sweet day. Had booze on beach great hamburgur looked at Spanish boobs. Hahaha
On way back to hostel some ppl yelled out at me. Hey Aussie rum... my New mates from street party ( I meet them at street party with my bottle of op rum shareing it with the locals. Here drink this Aussie rum haaha) and I met these lads backstage at monegros. Too. they call me over Alex you come to this band tonight we go backstage cool why not . Japanese ska band Willis I was thinkin of u the whole time.IMAG1376.jpg IMAG1379.jpgIMAG1384.jpg then after this got some stuff and went out nightclubbin. YeeewIMAG1390.jpg

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walkin around barcelona


This place rules decided to go out for a walk so many alleys with heaps of shops food clothes souvenirs found some new poi not knowing where you are its great. Squares with resturants and all the locals sitting outside havin wine and food IMAG1396.jpgIMAG1398.jpgIMAG1405.jpgIMAG1404.jpgIMAG1406.jpgIMAG1394.jpg
I stumbled across a metal bar ( warren metal style) 90s posters of slayer anthrax maiden motley megadeath poison guners ,, and flags on the roof very warren cool. Every place here has WiFi like Bali, far more advanced that Australia. I'm blogging now from the bar free wifi yew. IMAG1412.jpgIMAG1411.jpgIMAG1409.jpglarge_IMAG1413.jpgIMAG1407.jpg

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hard rock cafe suck?

Not in BCN

I been to hard rock cafes in syd phuket Bali they all kinda suck cool shit but its like mainstream rock shit.
Not in BCN ( Barcelona) first thing you see going in is a sick ass bc rich warlock autographed Kerry king from slayer Yeeeew.. IMAG1353.jpgIMAG1354.jpg
and then twiggy Marilyn Manson bass. Scott Ian anthrax Mick mars motley crue iggy pops jacket. Sweet.IMAG1360.jpgIMAG1359.jpgIMAG1361.jpg
and a car bar IMAG1355.jpg
and one for you Dan morissy shirt. IMAG1358.jpg

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Desert festival

What a awesome festival. The car park had people set up and partying been there for ages.
. I was one of the first in and wanders through a huge area DJs starting in each tent already pumping
IMAG1266.jpg had a few drinks and stuff. Then walkin around from tent to tent there's heaps of crazy shit goin on
Can't explane but pictures will.1IMAG1271.jpgIMAG1271.jpgIMAG1275.jpgmorning


IMAG1279.jpg I HAVE better ones but on camera I will try to add them in England. My mate steph from bcn was working at the tshirts stand. She finished about 6 in morning so I meet with her and her freinds. We went to a few tents then all of a suden were goin back stage. Sweet then we go on stage w the DJs... Sick IMAG1294.jpgIMAG1325.jpgIMAG1299.jpg Hell yea.. there's a vid on facebook. I'll try update this latter but this is it for now

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