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last year

last year

this is last year trying to share blog on facdick

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Switzerland to Czech republic

Mountains to night train


I left gruyeres and headed to lurzern. The trains are amazing in switzerland so easy and on time and so many you can go everywhere. And take your own food beer wine on and no one bothers you. It's perfect. IMAG1702.jpgIMAG1698.jpgIMAG1686.jpgIMAG1710.jpgIMAG1709.jpgIMAG1717.jpgIMAG1698.jpgIMAG1718.jpg
I got to lurzern and found out about the worlds first open air cable car you stand on the roof its awesome I got pics on my camera but I googled this so you can see it.10.jpg large_IMAG1728.jpgIMAG1730.jpgIMAG1739.jpgIMAG1730.jpg
And up the top is amazing words can't explane ..
IMAG1742.jpglarge_IMAG1745.jpglarge_IMAG1746.jpglarge_IMAG1747.jpg large_IMAG1753.jpglarge_IMAG1764.jpglarge_IMAG1752.jpglarge_IMAG1747.jpg was so cool I spent ages just looking.
Then back to lurzer or whatever. Stayed the night then went to Zurich for a few hours its another great place here's random pics of both towns.
Where's this jerk goin surfing? Your in Zurich mate no beach here.IMAG1792.jpg
Sweet .I'm in prauge now and all the good pics and train ride are on my real camera. I might have a bulk upload when I get to a computer

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last night in gruyeres.

I love switzerland and great cheese m cream.


I'm to lazy to pack my shit and move in a hurry I Probly could o seen 15 countrys I I did that but f... it its not for me Switzerland is so cool I miss out on Germany except for the train ride through it. So I stayed in gruyeres for another night and drank at the awesome Geiger bar again. But I did go to the carstell spell check don't work on phone. Here's sum pickures lofnllarge_IMAG1634.jpglarge_IMAG1635.jpgIMAG1636.jpgIMAG1637.jpglarge_IMAG1646.jpg I'm in a castel biiach. Yeww ps I'm drunk doin this blog. 666. Warren look at this pIC motlru


sweet here's more pics I went to Geiger bar again. Had the best bartender ever.IMAG1653.jpgIMAG1654.jpgIMAG1658.1.jpg this Shit is so hard on phone when sober me had a few its a f..kin nightmare you gona get pic an not much story xoxox IMAG1673.jpglarge_IMAG1668.jpgIMAG1672.jpglarge_IMAG1671.jpgIMAG1666.jpgIMAG1661.jpgIMAG1658.jpgcream


so shit I need a computer. IMAG1668.jpgIMAG1671.jpgIMAG1672.jpglarge_IMAG1658.jpglarge_IMAG1661.jpgIMAG1666.jpgIMAG1636.jpgIMAG1637.jpgIMAG1646.jpgIMAG1634.jpgIMAG1629.jpgIMAG1635.jpgIMAG1610.jpgIMAG1619.jpgIMAG1606.jpgbb


large_IMAG1582.jpglarge_IMAG1522.jpgIMAG1654.jpgIMAG1653.jpglarge_1IMAG1646.jpgIMAG1642.jpgIMAG1673.jpgIMAG1571.jpg1IMAG1571.jpg cool you'll get a better one in few days chum chum

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geniva to gruyeres

Goin to the hr Geiger bar n musium


Switzerland is easy to travel by train it goes everwhere. I caught s train Geneva to gruyeres its so easy an fast here's some pics most beuitful veiws ever.IMAG1487.jpglarge_IMAG1492.jpglarge_IMAG1491.jpglarge_IMAG1497.jpgIMAG1506.jpg and this the medievil vilage ill be staying in for few nights. IMAG1507.jpgIMAG1509.jpg I came here to see he Geiger musium and bar aparently everyone comes to see the castle ill go see that today. IMAG1630.jpglarge_IMAG1625.jpgIMAG1515.jpg large_IMAG1522.jpg found furniture for the new house.IMAG1582.jpg and the barlarge_IMAG1595.jpgIMAG1606.jpgIMAG1619.jpgIMAG1610.jpgIMAG1629.jpg
large_IMAG1629.jpg there's lots of mistakes but its hard doin this on a phone.

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from Liverpool to Geneva


Left Liverpool sat on the tarmak for an hour cos someone didn't make it to check in on time.
IMAG1438-1.jpg we got to Geneva and first thing u notice is how clean the airport is and watch posters. Every add poster is of watches but the got some cool watches here prob cost a fortune. And easy to get around straight onto train 1 st stop is the city. I went for a walk got a sore throat so got heaps pills n stuff. IMAG1446.jpg
Next day i get up and its national swiss day everything is closed so I stay anotherday went allong water frount there's a cool fountain and rides.
large_1IMAG1451.jpgIMAG1441.jpgIMAG1448.jpgIMAG1454.jpglarge_IMAG1452.jpgI found a swiss army knife I want. IMAG1456.jpg
And mum I found your car IMAG1444.jpg a sphix with tits .large_IMAG1463.jpgthen had seiestta large_IMAG1478.jpgIMAG1467.jpgwent out at night and there was a live blues band on waterfront and a dj IMAG1474.jpg
after that had a few beers and went home. Had .kebab and jd n coke on wayIMAG1481.jpg

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